System Features




The Dispatch Dashboard is your control center for managing all of your scheduled calls.

  • View, Edit, Print, or send data from any scheduled job
  • Dispatch, Reschedule, Cancel work orders
  • Add multiple technicians to any scheduled or current job
  • Trigger and track drive time, start time, and stop time
  • Complete Work Order
  • Undispatch a Work Order

Client Work History

  • View all customer history for a particular address
  • Easily load existing customer data
  • Track customer issues
  • Customer Surveys
  • Job Audits

 Service Agreements

  • Easily add new service agreements to existing jobs
  • View existing Service Agreements
  • Easily view service agreement balances
  • Service Agreement balances automatically update

Inventory Control

  • Bar code technology allows you to easily scan your inventory without having to do a manual count.
  • Mechanic inventory, multi-part transfers, and inventory transfer help you move your parts where they need to be.
  • As you close each call the parts associated with the tasks are automatically transferred from the mechanic’s inventory to his replenishment order.


  • Four payroll structures for individual employees
  • Commission pay system
  • Split pay system
  • Hourly pay system
  • Salary pay system

Management Tools

  • Mechanic Efficiency reporting allows you to see the mechanic’s worked hours versus his billed hours and the ratio analysis.
  • Manager coaching calculator helps you recognize where your techs may have trouble and need improvement.
  • Gross margin – labor report shows you how you’re doing financially instantly
  • Work time per task report shows you how long your techs are taking on each task so you know if you need to update your times or train your techs

Scan to Web

  • Easily scan all work orders into the system
  • Recognition software attaches invoices to work order
  • Scan and manually attach addendums, checklists, etc.
  • Eliminate cumbersome file cabinets, go paperless

System Customization

  • User Access allows the system administrator to select access for individuals
  • List Page Configuration allows the user to customize their list pages
  • Customize the feel of the system by moving anything to a better spot or off the screen completely.
  • Quick links allow the user to set up the most frequently used sections
  • Set Work Type colors to help dispatch visually

Ad Tracking

  • Simple ad entry
  • Track which ads are showing the biggest return by territory or type of ad
  • Ad tracking charts help visualize the data

Flat Rate Price Book

  • Build your own tasks according to your specifications
  • Set your labor and parts to automatically calculate mark-up
  • Set fixed prices or have the system automatically generate the prices
  • Two column pricing
  • Customize section headers, sub-headers, and margin quotes 
  • Customize, organize and print your own Flat rate price book without outsourcing it

Financial Management

  • Easy A/R management. View outstanding accounts and print invoices simply.
  • Single-entry data; no wasting time entering data into multiple systems.
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Support for other smaller third party accounting applications for general ledger transactions.

Vehicle Management

  • Truck to truck transfer allows you to easily move a tech into or out of a vehicle in the system. It allows for accountability with your trucks.
  • Service and Maintenance recording lets you schedule and record which services are being done to your vehicles.
  • Assignment history allows you to see who was driving your trucks and when.


  • Any wireless device with an internet connection can be used to access your data at any time, day or night.